Interface Summary
PageableCollection<T_ITEM> Common interface for pageable object sets.
PageableCollection.Filter<T> Interface for classes used to filter collection items.
PmPager PM for a control that allows to switch between pages.

Class Summary
PageableCollectionUtil Some common algorithms that should not be implemented redundantly for each kind of Pageable.
PageableListImpl<T_ITEM> Implements a PageableCollection based on an List of items to handle.
PageablePmsForBeans<T_PM extends PmBean<T_BEAN>,T_BEAN> A PageableItems instance that provides PmBean instances in front of a PageableItems container that handles the corresponding bean instances.
PmPagerImpl<T_ITEM> Implementation for some standard pager functionality.
PmPagerImpl.SelectableItemPm<T_BEAN> PM base class for items that support item selection functionality.

Enum Summary
PmPagerImpl.PagerVisibility The set of standard pager visibility conditions.