Class PmCommandNaviBack

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All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Comparable<PmObject>, PmCommand, PmObject

public class PmCommandNaviBack
extends PmCommandImpl

Navigates back to the previous page.
It is intended for the usual 'Cancel' button functionality. So, it does not trigger PM attribute validation.
That validation may be overridden by subclasses or just by specifying 'requiresValidValues=true' using a PmCommandCfg annotation.

In some cases there might be no previous page. (E.g. in case of an application session that was started by a bookmark.) In this case it navigates back to the (optionally configured) start link.

If both are not available, the command will be disabled.

Attention: This command will only work when the navigation history is enabled.

olaf boede

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PmObjectBase.NameBuilder, PmObjectBase.NameBuilderAbsoluteName, PmObjectBase.NameBuilderShortName, PmObjectBase.NameBuilderTitle
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PmCommand.CmdKind, PmCommand.CommandSet, PmCommand.CommandState
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Constructor Summary
PmCommandNaviBack(PmObject pm, org.pm4j.navi.NaviLink... linksToSkip)
Method Summary
protected  void doItImpl()
          Updates the back-navigation link based on the current navigation history state.
protected  boolean isPmEnabledImpl()
          Is only enabled when there is a back-navigation link.
protected  void onPmInit()
          Sets the fix link value before command execution.
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Constructor Detail


public PmCommandNaviBack(PmObject pm,
                         org.pm4j.navi.NaviLink... linksToSkip)
pm - The parent PM.
linksToSkip - An optional set of links to skip on back navigation.
Method Detail


protected void onPmInit()
Sets the fix link value before command execution.
That allows to use this command for static web client links that never execute the command and only ask PmCommandImpl.getNaviLink().

But: Be careful if the navigation path changes during the live time of this instance. In this case you should ask only the executed command instance for the real navigation link.

onPmInit in class PmObjectBase


protected boolean isPmEnabledImpl()
Is only enabled when there is a back-navigation link.

isPmEnabledImpl in class PmCommandImpl


protected void doItImpl()
                 throws java.lang.Exception
Updates the back-navigation link based on the current navigation history state.

doItImpl in class PmCommandImpl
java.lang.Exception - In case of an unexpected failure.