Class PmAttrEnumImpl.MetaData

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
Enclosing class:
PmAttrEnumImpl<T_ENUM extends java.lang.Enum<T_ENUM>>

protected static class PmAttrEnumImpl.MetaData
extends PmAttrBase.MetaData

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
NAME_PATH_DELIMITER, validationChangeEventMask
Constructor Summary
protected PmAttrEnumImpl.MetaData()
Method Summary
protected  int getMaxLenDefault()
          Provides the attribute type specific default max length.
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getCacheStrategyForOptions, getCacheStrategyForValue, getConverter, getFormatResKey, getItemConverter, getMaxLen, getMinLen, getNullOption, getOptionSetDef, isRequired, setConverter, setConverterDefault, setFormatResKey, setItemConverter, setRequired
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Constructor Detail


protected PmAttrEnumImpl.MetaData()
Method Detail


protected int getMaxLenDefault()
Description copied from class: PmAttrBase.MetaData
Provides the attribute type specific default max length.

Specified by:
getMaxLenDefault in class PmAttrBase.MetaData
The maximal number of characters default.