Interface PmTabSet

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java.lang.Comparable<PmObject>, PmDataInput, PmElement, PmObject, PmTreeNode
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public interface PmTabSet
extends PmElement

A PM for a multi tab set.

The child PmElements are of a PmTabSet can be used to represent the content of tabs.

Child elements act as tab, simply if they are used in a tab view. See the documentation of the related views for more view technology related usage hints.

ATTENTION: Current JSF limitation:
The id (name) of the tab set should be unique within the PM tree.
If there are other PMs with the same identifier within the faces tree, the corresponding faces component can't be found.

This limitation should not be harmful if you use an expressive name for a named object or sub-element that acts as a tab set.

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Method Summary
 boolean switchToTabPm(PmElement fromTab, PmElement toTab)
          This method gets called whenever the user or internal UI logic attempts to switch from one opened tab to another one.
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Method Detail


boolean switchToTabPm(PmElement fromTab,
                      PmElement toTab)
This method gets called whenever the user or internal UI logic attempts to switch from one opened tab to another one.

This method may prevent the tab switch operation by returning false.

ATTENTION: This method is not intended for overriding!
Please define specific tab switch logic by overriding PmTabSetImpl.switchToTabPmImpl(PmElement, PmElement).

fromTab - The currently opened tab.
toTab - The tab to switch to.
true if the PM logic implementation allows the tab switch.
false if the PM logic implementation prevents the tab switch.